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Kumo brings the things that matter to a central platform of integration. Kumo helps you create a connected lifestyle.

Kumo Home
Kumo Home

A network of devices that monitor the comfort, efficiency and controls within your home. You never leave your home alone when Kumo is managing your systems.

Kumo Home
Kumo Grow

A state of the art assistant on full time alert giving you real time status updates on how happy your garden is. We can't manage nature but Kumo can help you grow it.

Kumo Home
Kumo Secure

Secure gives you peace of mind without the need for monitoring costs. Knowing what happens and when it happens is what makes Kumo Secure a trusted observer.

Kumo Home
Kumo Pets

Kumo loves pets and we know how pets love trouble. We built in components to care, train and monitor your pets making sure they are happy, healthy and safe.

Kumo Home
Kumo Care

Caring for loved ones is a lot about information and communication. Kumo Care gives care givers real time access to activity, health and social communications.

Kumo Home
Powered by Kumo

Where ideas, prototypes and applications collide, you will find a world powered by Kumos. A world of integration awaits you when you power your world with Kumo.

What's Inside

Built to evolve and designed to adapt, Kumo Connect is a platform of automation intelligence and device interactivity. Step inside to see what makes Kumo unique.


With the capability to learn and the power to train, Kumo enables the internet of things to enhance your lifestyle.


Connecting third party devices and building relationships is what Kumo does best and with every new device comes new possibilities.


No commitments, no contracts, no re-occurring costs. Kumo sets you free and allows you to build the system you need.

Meet The Team

Training Kumo took a great deal of talent and time to develop. Meet the team who committed the energy, the concepts and the prototypes that brought Kumo to where it is today.

  • Blake Hodgson
    Founder, Head Of Manufacturing and Development

    Blake is the founder and inventor of Kumo. Frustrated with the internet of things being too expensive, too complex and too closed, Kumo was born.

  • Phaneendra Brahmadevara
    Co-founder, CTO

    Phani is the brains behind the Kumo-tecture a smart, intuitive and learning architecture. Phani brings his vast software and cloud computing knowledge.

  • Chris Bailey
    Co-founder, Market Strategist and Biz Dev

    Chris brings a wealth of diversity to the Kumo team. Having launched several successful startups, building tech businesses is what Chris does.

  • Tim Middleton
    Head Of Graphic Design

    Tim is the creator of the Kumo logo and web icons. Tim brings creativity and design experience to the Kumo look and feel.

  • Craig Berscheidt
    Manufacturing Consultant

    Craig brings a wealth of knowledge in embeded systems and electrical engineering.

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